Fishbowls facilitate dialogue between experts in a way that shares knowledge while expanding the collective understanding of a subject. „ Subject-matter experts (the fish) sit in circle to discuss a series of questions, surrounded by a larger group of participants in an outer circle (the bowl).  The inner circle is the stage for speaking and contributing. Those in the outer circle listen and move into the role of fish when they wish to participate in the conversation. Whether you’re the fish or the bowl, you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Three participants will start off a discussion and members of the audience are encouraged to jump in to continue the discussion. When one participant jumps in, one of the original three will take their place in the audience. Two fishbowls will be offered simultaneously so you can take your pick of the following topics:

  1. Engaging students – A discussion about how we build relationships and connect with students, and how we incorporate information literacy into their value systems
  2. Assessing ourselves – A discussion about how we assess our teaching methods, programs and student outcomes.